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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bob Hope cuts loose in Nothing But The Truth (1941)

Bob is in rare form in this rarely seen comedy from 1941. In Nothing But The Truth he plays stock-broker Steve Bennett, who just took a job down in Miami for stockbroker head T.T. Ralston (the great Edward Arnold). T.T. has promised his niece Gwen (Paulette Goddard) to double any amount she can raise $20,000 for charity. But he connives so those she asks refuse to give her more than the $10,000 she's already raised. Gwen happens upon Steve who is blinded by her beauty and accepts the offer. This is the back story as the real story happens a few minutes later in a discussion with T.T., business partner Dick and client Van, about truth in business Steve bets the $10,000 that he can tell the truth for 24 hours. Having already accepted an invitation for a weekend on T.T.'s houseboat, Steve is subjected to 24 hours of attempts to get him to lie or divulge the bet, which would lose him (and Gwen) the $10,000. Hilarious comedy that lets Hope do his thing. Watching him try to not lie for 24 hours is priceless. It's much better here than when Jim Carrey did Liar, Liar 50 years later. Hope and Goddard continue their strong chemistry from The Cat and The Canary and The Ghost Breakers. And Paulette is such a breath of fresh air when she appears on screen. A sight to behold and she keeps up with Hope all the way. Treat yourself to a good time by watching Nothing But the Truth. Also look out for Helen Vinson as a scheming Broadway star wannabe. She is quite funny too.

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Audrey said...

This is great! I wish I could see the movie.