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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper go for laughs in BALL OF FIRE (1941)

 Babs knows how to gain attention from a room full of men...

The divine Barbara Stanwyck and Coop re-team for this wonderful comedy classic. The two stars previously paired up in Meet John Doe earlier that year for Frank Capra. As good as that film was, I like Ball Of Fire even more. The story casts Coop as Bertram Potts a young professor who along with six other professors are compiling an encyclopedia of human knowledge. Potts is researching American slang. Things are going good until their financial backer, Miss Totten pressures them to hurry up and finish. So Bertram hits the streets to do some solo research and meets saucy nightclub singer Sugarpuss O'Shea (Stanwyck). O'Shea is at first reluctant to help Potts until  she needs a place to hide out from the police who are looking to question her about her boyfriend, mob boss Joe Lilac (played by Dana Andrews). 
Love hurts...

Soon Sugarpuss is teaching the guys how to conga and all kinds of slang. Of course Bertram ends up falling for her but has do deal with Lilac. Ball Of Fire is one awesome movie. Full of humor and a sizzling performance by Stanwyck. She struts across the screen like she owns it and she does. And Coop is solid as Potts. An enjoyable comedy film. Expertly directed by Howard Hawks.

But everything turns out ok in the end...


Irene Palfy said...

Would love to watch that one.. I am sure of that!

Heather said...

Ball of Fire is my favorite Stanwyck film. So much funnier than today's comedies.

zzzzzzzzzzzz said...

As some of today's comedies. You accidentally said better than today's comedies. Obviously many of today's comedies are just as funny and some funnier. One thing that makes many of today's comedies so funny is bad taste. While many of those comedies were very funny they did tend to be in good taste.

john jay said...

barbara stanwyck movies are really epic and the
barbara stanwyck photos are still in high definition i was wondering that one.

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