Cary and Irene (THE AWFUL TRUTH)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who wants a screwball comedy tournament?

Perennial favorite Bringing Up Baby is sure to be one of the top seeds...

So everyone knows my love of tournaments. My favorite classic movie actress tourney just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Well I've been thinking of doing one for screwball comedies, which is my favorite genre. So I'm writing this post to see if the reaction warrants one. I have no problem doing one and since I have been slack here on this blog, I figure a tourney would fire things up. If I decide to do one, it probably won't be until the fall when things start to slow down. Unlike the actress tourney, this one will take place solely on here. And will either encompass 32 or 64 films. Need to do research to see how many films we're looking at. I do know that since screwball comedies were at their most prolific during the 30's and petered out in the mid-40's, I won't follow the format of four decades. Most likely I will still have four brackets just not relegated to a time period. So I will start mulling over the films and all, but any feedback will be most appreciated. Thanks everyone!