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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Bachelor And The Bobby-Soxer (1947)

Another classic comedy with Cary Grant as playboy artist Richard Nugent who through a court order has to date a love struck teenage named Susan (wonderfully played by Shirley Temple) who sneaks into his apartment one night. Her sister, Judge Margaret Turner (Myrna Loy) is convinced that for Susan to get over Nugent is for her to date him and then she will eventually come to her senses. Of course Nugent goes out of his way to make sure that happens all the more quickly. This is a classic comedy that has everyone involved at their peak acting abilities, especially the three leads in Grant, Loy, and Temple. One of the best comedies from yesteryear.

Matt Beemish: I'm the court psychiatrist.
Richard Nugent: Come back in an hour. I'll be crazy by then.

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Irene Palfy said...

Ha! And finally I know that one, too!! And I love it! Thank you very much for telling me sooo much about it! Can't go wrong with a recommendation by Monty..