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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday in New York (1963).

Sunday in New York (1963). Director: Peter Tewksbury. Cast: Cliff Robertson, Jane Fonda, and Rod Taylor. The screenplay by Norman Krasna was adapted from his play which had been produced on Broadway the previous year. It was one of Fonda's earliest films.

Airline pilot Adam Tyler, is getting ready to spend a romantic weekend in his New York apartment with his girlfriend, Mona Harris. When they are surprised by arrival of his sister Eileen, who has just broke up with her fiancee, Russ Wilson, because she does not to sleep with him before they are married. After telling Eileen that she has done the right thing. His flight assignment is changed at the last minute and he is unable to reach Mona.

Soon after he leaves, Eileen finds Mona's night gown in her brother's closet and becoming angry at her brothers double standard. She decides to seduce Philadelphia newspaperman Mike Mitchell, after meeting him on a bus. Mike respects her virtue and can not go through with it, even though they are falling in love. While still in their robes, they are surprised by the arrival of her fiancee Russ, who mistakes Mike for Eileen's brother. When her brother returns to his apartment he is introduced as his own co-pilot but goes along with the story, even though he suspects the truth. How will this situation be resolved?

I thought Sunday in New York, was a very charming, romantic, comedy. Performed very well by all the actors. A hidden gem!

Jo Morrow's mother encouraged Jo's acting career by entering her in a "Be A Star" contest. Which Morrow, won a 20th Century-Fox contract (film-debuting in Gary Cooper's Ten North Frederick (1958) and from there moved to Columbia. The 1964 birth of a deaf daughter forced Morrow to choose between movies and motherhood. Although, she made a short comeback in 1970s, Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls (1973) and Terminal Island (1973).


Dawn said...

Monty, Love the Awesome job on your new page!!!

monty said...

Thanks for the compliment Dawn. And I love Sunday In New York. It's a great movie. Glad you posted it.

VP81955 said...

1. Like the new look.

2. "Sunday In New York" is a pleasant comedy -- and I love the theme song (sung by Mel Torme in the film and popularized on record by Bobby Darin).

3. This is the same Norman Krasna who wrote the screenplays for "Hands Across The Table," "Wife Vs. Secretary," "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and "Let's Make Love." I can imagine that the young Jane Fonda must have been genuinely thrilled to work with the screenwriter whose leading ladies in scripts included Carole Lombard, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe.