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Monday, August 15, 2011

Screwball Monday: Arsenic & Old Lace

What better way to start off Monday by watching Arsenic and Old Lace.
Priscilla Lane and Cary Grant
The definition of a dark comedy. When you mix humor with murderers and corpses, then throw in Cary Grant with two old bitties (his aunts) who happen to like killing single old men- then count me in. A truly different type comedy that has to be seen. Cary is of course in perfect form. Josephine Hull and Jean Adair as his aunts are quite funny. And lets not forget the long lost brother Raymond Massey who just escaped from prison and decides to come home. Plus Priscilla Lane is fetching as Cary's girlfriend-soon to be wife. Oh and Peter Lorre as Massey's sidekick. I couldn't forget about him, now could I Irene?

Scene from Arsenic and Old Lace
Just a little sip...please?

One of my all time favorite movies.


Irene Palfy said...

No! You couldn't!!! :") Well, you shouldn't. (NEVER!! - just saying.. ;"p)

Also one of MY all time favourite films.. Just love it. Thank you for this nice start into the week!

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Hi Monty, I'm visiting from "And Then They Start To Sparkle." I've been friends with Irene for a while now. I just love her! She mentioned your name in a post and then I saw your name as a contributor to the here I am! And I'm now following and will be checking out your other blogs. =O)

I LOVE Arsenic and Old Lace! We did the play through my drama class in high school and we had to change the part of Dr. Einstein to female because we didn't have enough guys in the class! Guess who played Dr. Einstein? Me! I had a German accent and all. Such fun! My high school English teacher, who I had for English throughout high school, came to see my performance and was very much impressed. I couldn't have received higher praise then that. Anyway, thanks for sharing an old favorite and bringing back some fond memories.


Emily said...

Hi Monty and Dawn, Here I am returning the favor and giving you the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award. I love this blog!! Keep up the good work!