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Monday, May 3, 2010

Without Reservations (1946)

Without Reservations (1946). Comedy. Director: Mervyn LeRoy, and adapted by Andrew Solt from the novel "Thanks, God! I'll Take It From Here" by Jane Allen and Mae Livingston. Cast: Claudette Colbert and John Wyane.

The story begins when Kit an author travels by train to L.A. to work on the film adaptation of her book. On the way, she finds a Marine, who she believes would be perfect to play the film character. Kit lies about her who she really is when she hears Rusty and his friend, Lieutenant Dink Watson, putting down her book, Here Is Tomorrow. She quickly comes up with the name Kit Klotch and defends the book. While waiting for connecting train to Chicago, Kit receives a telegram from Baldwin, he orders her to keep track of Rusty and Dink. They both decide to leave the station in to buy some rationed whiskey, and Kit ends up missing her train while trying to keep up with them. To avoid revealing who she really is, Kit pretends that she has lost her ticket and has to travel in coach. When Consuela Callahan, a flirt whom Dink and Rusty call a "beetle," accuses Kit of stealing her orchid and Kit is thrown off the train the next morning. As they continue with their travels they come across many comedic and dramatic problems. When Rusty finds out Kit really is a famous writer, he thinks that she has been using him . Will she convince him otherwise?

I'm a huge fan of John Wayne and Claudette Colbert. This is such a cute, fun and romantic comedy. It reminds me of "It happened One Night" with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.

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monty said...

believe it or not Dawn, I have never seen this one and I missed it yesterday when it was on TCM. Dang it. Great post though.