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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Screwball Cinema welcomes Irina Garbo

February marks the first time I will have a guest here on Screwball Cinema. I usually have guests all the time on my other blog, All Good Things and still do. But I wanted to start having guests here as well. Guests that will focus mainly on their love of screwball films and stars. Up first will be Irina Garbo, a friend who I met on Facebook. She has been a great friend and I invited her to be my first guest since our shared friends of Renata, Desiree and Janine had already done so on All Good Things. So she quickly accepted and the rest is history. Some of the questions I will ask Irina will be similar to the ones I asked on AGT, but some will be modified to fit here on screwball cinema. So everyone please do stop by from time to time to meet the wonderful Irina Garbo.


Irene Palfy said...

Hello to Irina - and: I love your style! Hope you'll have a wonderful time as Monty's guest!:")

Renata said...

yayyy for Irinaaa =D